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Saturday, October 8, 2011

30 Educational LiveBinders!

@KBKonnected, creator of KB...Konnected, shared 30 of her favorite educational LiveBinders! Did I mention that she also created them?!

There's even a "Grants for Teachers" binder!!!

Teaching Themes

Creative curriculum resources from Teaching Ideas.
Thanks to @dannynic from The Whiteboard Blog for this find!

Hundreds of Free PowerPoint Presentations

Found this on Teaching Blog Addict

Why Have You Not Given Up Rewards Yet?

I don't use rewards, incentives, or any type of extrinsic motivators in my classroom. Yes, it is my first year teaching, and I know plenty of teachers who say they couldn't do it without stickers, candy, or special events. I really just want to say, "I do it and it works." My students are motivated by our activities, how we do them, and their accomplishments.
I really enjoyed reading @pernilleripp's post that reinforces the reasons why rewards aren't necessary. If you use rewards and/or any type of extrinsic motivator, you should definitely read her post.

Reading Activities for Kids from FunBrain

Online books, games, Mad Libs, and comics!
FunBrain has math games, too!

20 Ideas for Engaging Projects

Great ideas for the 21st century teacher! Most ideas can be used in all grade levels.

Teaching Students to Ask Their Own Questions

Expectation #4 in my classroom is "Ask Questions". Many students are afraid to ask questions out of fear that their peers may laugh, it may be a "stupid question", or other reasons that can cause them embarrassment. My students are starting to learn that they're free to ask questions and they will get an answer whether it be from me or another student. If the question is off-topic then it's easily redirected.
Here are six steps to teach your students how to ask their own questions.

10 Ways to Assess Learning Without Tests

Here are some different ways to assess your students' learning aside from tests from @whatedsaid.

10 Reasons Teachers Make Great Punching Bags

 Cooperative Catalyst (@coopcatalyst) always has amazing posts. John T. Spencer (@johntspencer) is one of my favorites.
This post is a must-read, and hopefully it will give you that drive to keep doing what you love to do no matter what.

Using Paper Folds in the Classroom

In one of my college Language Arts classes we learned a few different paper folds to use in the classroom. I have yet to use them in the classroom, but I found this post from Get in the Fold! that has great pictures of students' work using folds for activities and projects.

Search PlanIt - Lesson Plan Search Engine

Lesson Plans and other resources for teachers!
Thanks to @anacristinaprts from Digital Delight for Learners for this find.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Harry Kindergarten Videos

More compliments to my colleague, Jill H., for sharing Harry Kindergarten with us!

I've never even heard of Harry Kindergarten's YouTube page until Jill H. had her class show me the "Left and Right Machine" robot song! 

Popcorn Sight Words Game

Thank you, Jill H., for sharing this site with us!

Word Cloud Generators, Using Them in the Classroom, and Lesson Plans

From Edunology

Student Blogging Resources to Get You Started

I created a KidBlog page with my 2nd graders during student teaching last Spring and it was a great experience for my students and me. I plan on starting this year's blog late October or early November!

@pernilleripp from Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension has some great resources, tips, and pointers about blogging with your students.

SMART Board Tips and Videos

@Kleinspiration from Kleinspiration posted some links and videos that I found very helpful and actually taught me some new things about SMART Notebook!

Check them out!

The Teacher's Guide to Using YouTube in the Classroom

Now that YouTube has a Teachers' Channel, this will come in handy!
Compliments to Edudemic @edudemic!

Sir Ken Robinson On Schools Killing Creativity/Changing Education Paradigms

RSA Animate's videos/animations have always intrigued me. 
I found this one on @upsidelearning's blog. The part that really opened my eyes was when Sir Ken Robinson mentioned the ADHD "epidemic". 

You'll be hooked throughout the whole video!

62 Interesting Ways to Use an iPad in the Classroom

Last time I saw this great presentation of ideas, there were 58 ideas. Now, @tombarrett has added four more!
Always looking for new ways to use iPads in the classroom!

YouTube has a Teachers' Channel Now!

This was all over education blogs this past week! Finally, YouTube has a teachers' and education channel that we can use in the classroom. I think the main page of the teachers' channel is a great introduction!

(Image takes you to the teachers' channel)

Content Area Resources from "Growing Great Resources"

Thank you KB...Konnected for sharing Ms. Winston's site!

Tons of PDF/printables for all content areas and other categories.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

What Parents Really Want to Tell Teachers: What You Do Hurts Our Children

Last week I shared CNN's article "What Teachers Really Want to Tell Parents". I figured it would only be a matter of time before the other side of the story would be released somewhere.
While I was reading this *cough* ridiculous *cough cough* post, I kept thinking to myself ARE YOU SERIOUS?!
I wonder if the author of this post realizes that most teachers are parents, too. Hmm....

The comments/responses should be read, too, after reading the post.

New Educational iPad Apps and Books for Kids

@imaginationsoup Imagination Soup has shared a collection of educational apps and books for iPad! 

I'll definitely be using some of these with my students!

K-6 Web Activities

WOW! This page created by Bellevue Public Schools in Nebraska is full of great resources across the curriculum to use with all grades K through 6. The resources are nicely categorized and not bunched tightly together.

Thanks again for the find, @kbkonnected KB...Konnected

50 Freebies from "A Teacher's Bag of Tricks"

Who doesn't love freebies?! Well, here are 50 downloads created by Jo from A Teacher's Bag of Tricks. They aren't categorized in any way, but it doesn't take long to read through them to download anything you like. There are some useful items in there!

Thanks for sharing, @kbkonnected KB...Konnected

The Flipped Classroom (Infographic)

I've been seeing this infographic all over education blogs and Twitter, so I thought I'd be a follower (no pun intended) and share it on mine.

The source of the infographic I'm sharing is from @jdthomas7 Tech the Plunge

Why Technology Is Failing In Public Schools (And How To Fix This)

@Edudemic shares few slideshows explaining the issue of technology failing in public schools. 

Yes, bringing technology into the classroom is exciting, but more important than actually bringing it into the classroom is knowing how to use it and using it effectively.

"Dare to Differentiate" Wiki

A wiki dedicated to Differentiated Instruction. 
Browsing through the "Topics" and "Strategies", I was kind of overwhelmed with all the links in each category. But, if you are looking to learn more about DI or strategies to use that support DI, this is the spot to go!
Thanks to Teaching All Students for sharing!

Pics4Learning - Free Photos for Education

Pics4Learning has a wide variety of categories for you to choose from. Once you find a picture you would like to use, there is an option for you to download it so you can place in newsletters, presentations, SMART slides, etc. 

Twenty Things I Never Thought I'd Say in an Elementary Classroom

This is just funny!
Created by @Gaetanp on Edutopia