Friday, July 8, 2011

10 Technology Enhanced Alternatives to Book Reports

Ya know, I don't recall EVER enjoying doing book reports in school. Probably because mobiles and written reports were our only options (that I can recall). Not until my literacy and methods classes in college did I think doing book reports would even be considered exciting. We learned some creative ways to make book reports like a "Canned Book Report".

This find by @kbkonnected from called "10 Technology Enhanced Alternatives to Book Reports" by Kelly Tenkely (@ktenkely, iLearnTechnology) is fantastic! This post provides ten technology-based ideas to use for book reports with your students.

KB...Konnected's Post


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  2. Melissa - Thanks for following my blog! I will be adding at least 10 new resources every week. I will definitely be participating in your giveaway (mostly for the gift card since the bag's really not my style LOL). I'm glad you enjoy my posts!